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The first youth hostel opened in Germany in 1909 by a teacher and a conservationist who wanted to find overnight accommodation for their pupils when they went on school outings in the country. First, they used their school during the holidays but it was replaced by a permanent hotel in 1912.
The German Youth Hostel Association was officially founded seven years later.

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The movement spread rapidly worldwide and the International Youth Hostel Association was founded in October 1932. It is known today as  Hostelling International, a federation of more than 90 national youth hostel associations in more than 80 countries.

What is the aim (=objective) of youth hostels?

Youth hostels help young people, especially those with limited financial means, to find cheap and convenient accommodation.

Accommodation is usually in comfortable bunk-bedded rooms. There are fewer and fewer big dormitories. Nowadays, most youth hostels offer single, twin or four-bedded rooms.


Guests share their rooms with people of the same sex. It is possible to rent private rooms for couples or families.

Bed linen, duvets, blankets and pillows are provided free of charge in most hostels but in some cases, you will have to bring your own sleeping sheet & sleeping bag.

Some locations also have self-catering facilities so guests can do their own cooking.
More and more youth hostels welcome dogs.

What do you have to do?

First, you must get a membership card.


Make sure to book in during the opening hours of the reception desk.

What are the other advantages of staying at a youth hostel?

– you encounter people of different cultures, backgrounds and origins.

– you get to know a country at low cost.

– you are pretty sure to spend the night in friendly surroundings at an affordable price.


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