Describe someone’s hair


 Hair style / hairdo / haircut







She is a blonde : she has got long straight blond hair.







She is a brunette : She has got long curly brown hair.






She is a redhair : She has got short wavy red hair.






She has got straight  medium(-length) black hair.






He has got very short straight brown hair. He has got a crew cut (= a flat top)






He has got short frizzy black hair.






He is completely bald.






He is balding : he has a receding hairline, his hair is thinning.


Your hair can be permed, bleached, dyed, neatly-combed, parted in the middle, …


Remember the order of the adjectives :
1) length (ex : long, medium, short, …)
2) shape (ex : straight, curly, wavy, …)
3) colour (ex : blond, red, white, grey, …)



Ex: My best friend has got short straight black hair.
You can also say : My friend’s hair is short, straight and black.




Be careful !
Hair = les cheveux
a  hair = un cheveu ou un poil!

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