Key(-words) to success – fate & superstitions

Our destiny is written in the stars. ? To be the master of one’s destiny
To be superstitious 
To go under a ladder ? To walk past a ladder
To bring bad luck / good luck
The four leaves of the four-leaf clover represent faith, love, hope and luck.
To believe in something
To make a wish.
We must find a way to make our wishes come true.
A determining or influencing factor has a great influence on
I do not consider myself (to be) a superstitious person
To tempt fate / Providence by taking a silly (=unnecessary) risk
To plan for the future
A future that is all planned out
Things do not always go as planned
Things happen for a reason
To believe in something irrational
To hope for a positive outcome
No one knows what the future holds / has in store for them.
A soothsayer / a prophet / a fortune teller / a psychic / a seer make predictions
Let it be !
Every man is the architect of his own
future / life / dreams
Life teaches you
One life lesson that I have learnt, is
that …
If you really want something, go for it ! / you can make it happen !
To be ill-fated
To meet a tragic fate
To be doomed to death
To stand alone against (someone/something)