Useful expressions and phrases in the classroom

Useful expressions and phrases

Good morning! / Good afternoon! / Hi! / Hello!
Sit down! ? Stand up!
Take out your books / notebooks / workbooks!
Give out the books. ? Collect in the books.
Thank you. = Thanks. = Ta
You are welcome! = Don’t mention it.
X, share your book with Y.
Put up your hand! = Put your hand up! = Raise your hand!
? Hands down!
Sorry, I don’t understand.
Can you repeat, please? = Can you say it again, please?
Repeat after me! Altogether, now!
I didn’t catch (a word of) what you said.
Hurry up, you’re late!
Sorry for being late.
Let me see what you did. Have you done your homework?
Sorry, I have forgotten my workbook / my exercises.
Listen to the dialogue!
Look at the picture!
Can you read the instructions, please?
Do the exercises in your workbook page …
Work on your own. < Work in pairs. < Work in groups of three.
Tell me the answer.
Speak up! = Speak louder!
Be quiet, you are too noisy! = Shush! = Silence, please!
Stop chatting, concentrate! Pay attention!
I don’t know.
Don’t speak French! = No French! Try in English!
I’m afraid I’m lost. Can you help me, please?
It’s time to go! See you all next time!
Clean up! Tidy up! Put it in the bin.
Good bye! Bye! Bye-bye! Cheerio!

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