II. 1. Once upon a time


 Observe and express yourself – Poster : Once upon a time

 Film genres

 Vocabulary : Cinema and television

flashypink Observe and discuss : a famous musical 

 Listen and try to understand – What were Matt Groening’s motives to create Princess Bean? 

 Observe and express yourself – Mural : Alice in Wonderland (Vera & Carlos Ridotta)

 Read to get information – “Why grown-ups still need fairy tales”


 Watch, describe and comment on – The Wizard of Oz

gris Revise how to talk about capacities, possibilities, obligations, constraints, …

flashypink Practise ! capacities, possibilities, obligations, constraints, …

 Read and show you understand : The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


 Watch, describe and comment on – Grimm 

 Listen and try to understand – Why some brains love horror tales

 Read, show you understand and express yourself – Scary tales