What are ghosts ?
Famous films about ghosts
Audio-book : The legend of Sleepy Hollow


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*a tall man wearing a black cloak over his dark suit.
* a skinny lady dressed in a long white dress.
* a short man in 13th-century clothes
* the tiny boy had a weird grey costume on.

What are ghosts ?

* Unquiet spirits of restless dead that come back because they have unfulfilled desires
Non-human entities who come back to finish things left undone
* Earth-bound spirits that don’t know they are dead and haunt the scenes of their deaths
* Revenants dressing up in sheets with eyeholes cut out and wandering about rattling chains
* The subtle-body of a deceased person that continues to exist
* Returning spirits  trapped between this plane of existence and the next as a result of some tragedy or trauma
* Dead people remaining with the living in spirit because they got lost on their way to the other side

Famous films about ghosts

* The most romantic : “Ghost”

* The scariest : “The 6th sense”

* The most awarded : “The Others”

*The most famous haunted hotel : the Overlook, “The Shining”

Listen and enjoy

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

The legend of Sleepy Hollow
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