Key (-words) to success – Social life

Friends (mates, chums, buddies, pals)

To be popular = to have loads of (= a lot of / lots of / many) friends
To enjoy oneself with friends (slang : to hang out with friends)
To make friends with somebody
To be a mixer = to be a sociable person = to mix easily with people = to socialize
To be friendly and open-minded
To fit in with other people = to be accepted by a group
To follow the herd = to copy, to imitate, to mimic
To stand up for somebody = to support or defend someone

Being or feeling different

To feel different from other people
To be a loner
To be a free spirit = To be a nonconformist
To feel out of place = you feel like you don’t belong anywhere / you don’t fit in.
To feel like an outsider / an outcast / a scapegoat
To be treated like a black sheep = to be picked on and put down
To be rejected by one’s peers
To be bullied = to be harassed or intimidated
To be cyberbullied = to be harassed online or through social networks
To have a strong personality