Uncommon pets


 St Thomas Marriott Iguana 9 cropped.jpg The iguana  Iguanas are not very interactive but they may become aggressive if they feel threatened.
 Ball python lucy.JPGThe python  Snakes can grow very, very fast so be prepared to buy a bigger aquarium after some time.

They eat live preys like mice.

 Chinchilla lanigera1.jpgThe chinchilla  Chincillas are very sweet and sensitive animals that need regular exercise outside their cage.

They mustn’t be kept in a hot environment.

 Ferret 2008.png The ferret  Ferrets are playful, energetic animals but they sleep a lot during the day.
 The pot-bellied pig  Pigs are very intelligent animals that enjoy living in a clean environment.
 Ratte-Vache.jpegThe rat  Rats are very clever and playful animals.

Their front teeth grow continuously so you must give them dog biscuits, pieces of wood or cardboard to gnaw on.

 The green frog  Frogs are docile and easy to look after.

They mainly eat insects.

 The tarantula  Most species of tarantulas are not dangerous to human beings. They are quiet pets that need very little space.

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