When you meet someone for the first time

Here are interesting topics and relevant questions to ask when you meet someone for the first time


Name =

–         Surname (=family name / second name) / First name (= Christian name) / Nickname

–         What’s your name?

–         Can you spell your name?



–         Where do you live?

–         Do you live in a big city (= town) or a small village?

–         What nationality are you?

–         Are you of Italian / German/  descent?


FamilyBrothers /sisters /parents

–         Have you got any brothers or sisters?

–         How many brothers or sisters have you got?

–         Are you an only child?

–         What do your parents do for a living?


Age = Date of birth / astrological (=star) sign

–         When and where were you born?

–         What star sign are you?

–         How old are you?



Hobbies and pastimes

–         What are your hobbies?

–         What do you like doing in your free time?

–         Do you like surfing the net?

–         Who is your favourite singer? What sort of music do you listen to?



–         Have you got any friends? = Are you a loner or a mixer?

–         Who is your (very) best friend?


Marital status  = Single / engaged / married / divorced / a widow(er)

–         Are you married?

–         When did you get married?

–         How long have you been married?



–         Have you got a pet? Is your dog a he or a she?


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