Rédiger un rapport de stage en anglais



Pour faire son rapport de stage en anglais, il suffit de remplir le questionnaire ci-dessous:

Your name :                                             Your age :
Name of your school :                         Address of your school :

Training period first day :                 Duration of your period :
Name of the company :                      Address of the company :
The company main activity :         
Total number of employees :

What you did :
Time you arrived at work every morning :
Time you left in the afternoon :
Who supervised your period :
Who you liked best (name and occupation) :
What you liked best  and why:
Qualities and skills needed for the job :
Difficulties encountered :
Who you would like to thank :


Voici un exemple qui peut être repris et transformé à votre convenance. Il suffit de changer les informations en gras par celles qui vous concernent :



 My name is Paul Bressan and I am 16 years old. I study  at Adalbert Comprehensive School, in Route de Thionville, Bouzonville .

On the 1st of October 20..,  I worked as a trainee in a company called Shirtartists. I worked there for a week. The company is located in Rue Principale, Bouzonville.
Every morning, I arrived at about 9.15 a.m. and I usually left at 4.45 p.m.

There were 7 employees in all, 4 were working indoors, that is to say in the offices and in the shop, and 3 outdoors. During this training session, I had to serve the customers  and design logos for T.shirts.

To do this job, you need several skills and qualities : you have to be creative and artistic. You have to be a good listener and give full attention to your customers’ desires and requests. You have to be persuasive to make them change their minds if their projects are too ambitious or unrealistic.

I faced a few problems during my training period. I had to learn how to use a pen tablet. I also had to learn selling techniques.
But on the whole, I think it was very interesting.

I would like to thank Mrs Blank, – the head of the company, Mr Simon ,the person I liked best, and of course all my collegues for what they did for me.



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