IV. 1. Fictional reality




 Observe and express yourself

 Film genres

 Vocabulary : Cinema and television

 Can you identify these blockbusters?

Show you know – Films : verbs to remember

Show you know – Films genres

 Observe and express yourself

 Listen and try to understand – Why are fantasy films so popular?

 When you go to the cinema – Useful questions

 Brainstorming – adjectives to describe films

flashypink Read, understand and rephrase

 To know more about the history of moving images, follow this link

 Watch, describe and comment – Stranger things 

flashypink Pre-reading tasks – “How to connect over series”

 Read to get information – “How to connect over series”


 Watch, describe and give your opinion – Star Trek fans

 Watch and comment on – Star Trek convention

 Watch, describe and comment on – Binge-watching

gris Revise how to compare things

flashypink Practise ! Compare

 Watch, describe and compare – The effects of binge-watching

 Read to get information – How may binge-watching dull your brain


 Watch, describe and comment on – An amazing GOT tattoo 

 Listen and try to understand – GOT Tourism


 Read, show you understand and express yourself – Beyond the screen