Key(-words) to success : Ads and commercials

To arouse / create / generate  a controversy over / about something.
To touch someone’s emotions
To make a lasting impression on someone
To urge / push / persuade someone to buy a product
To go beyond the limit of something = to exceed the limit of something
To be brainwashed by ads and commercials
To be exposed to violence / violent scenes
Ads are meant to make consumers react.
A commercial break
Ads are designed to be funny.
Advertisers design an approach that will appeal to their target audience.
Commercials are supposed to Inform you about how the product works or helps you.
Ads are used to catch your attention by making you laugh and thus become memorable.
Commercials repeat a message or idea so you remember it.
They can feature someone, like a celebrity, saying how the product worked for them.
The law says that advertisers are supposed to make sure that what they say about their products is truthful.
Catchy tunes can become earworms (=linger in your ear) = you can’t get them out of your head