I. 1. Art-truistic?


 Revise how to identify visual documents

 Revise how to situate elements in a picture

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Present continuous

 Fill in the blanks with the right preposition each time

 Show you know ! Look, sound, smell, taste and feel + LIKE or nothing

 Show you know ! Complete the blanks with look, sound, smell, taste or feel 

 Watch, describe and comment  on – Fight for street art


 Describe – The world through art

 Watch, describe and comment on- Cadillac Ranch

 Revise how to talk about the different parts of a car

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Past continuous

gris Revise how to use the passive voice 

 Read to get information – Cadillac ranch


 Describe and comment  on – Season’s Greetings, banksy

 Listen and try to understand – Free Zehra Drogan

 Read and show you understand – Can art influence our opinion?