Key (-words) to success – Problem(s)

Here are useful expressions /  sentences you should learn by heart

To have a problem
To face a problem
To be in trouble
To have difficulty with something / someone = to find it hard to do something / get along with someone
To have difficulty doing something = to find it hard to do something
To be in a tight corner
To handle a difficult issue
To be wrapped up in one’s problems
To cause problems
There is a significant problem about … / there are several major problems

To consider a problem
To approach a problem
To deal with a problem
To cope with a problem
To tackle a problem
To overcome a problem
To come to terms with a problem
To solve a problem
To find a satisfactory solution to a problem
To resolve a problem
A problem that resolves itself

An unsolvable problem = a problem that has no solutions
To be in a dead end
To be back to square 1
To be in a catch-22 situation

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