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When did you start painting? 
At the age of 6. I was very interested in drawing and painting its a passion I’ve had from the age of 6. My mother would take me shopping for dolls, but I always wanted art supplies.  I am happy I was able to pursue my passion. My husband Kendall encouraged me to go to college and get my fine arts degree.
Fais Do Do - Vergie Banks - Tous droits réservés
What inspires you most?
Music, Cajun and Creole music of Louisiana. When I was little girl my parents would take their six children to Fais Do Do’s ( family and community dances in big burns). I have a painting call “Fais Do Do”. My dad would listen to French music every morning at 5 am, He knew how to get us up in the morning so I guest it was destine for me to paint about cultural music. Jazz music of New Orleans also inspires me to create, we go to the French Quarters and listen to Jazz, very relaxing. When I hear music I see color in the sounds, so I paint instruments the colors that match the sounds. The European Master’s technique inspire me to create, but I love Picasso’s expressions, the simple but yet complex geometric designs. I was first a realistic painter until I studied Picasso’s work and I never went back.
Are some of your paintings too personal to be shared with other people?
No, all my paintings are created for all viewers. Most of my collectors buy paintings for birthdays, weddings, friends, and love ones. People say that they feel love in my paintings. Then I have movie stars, corporate and museum collectors.  I also create non objective paintings which is different mostly my titles depict the culture. You can see interviews of me on You Tube just Google my name. 
Do you belong to a family of artists or painters? 
No, only one brother who draws but he never did anything with his talent.  My family and friends played a huge part in my life to become an artist. It is one thing to be able to draw and paint but to become a professional artist is a hold different story in its self. My husband became my promoter and sells my art. I became renowned when Actor Bill Cosby collected a painting from my Little Red Tricycle series, also the State of Louisiana Department of Tourism decided to commission me to use my art to represent them to the world. 




Come Play Play Me Something Lil Girl - Vergie Banks - tous droits réservés


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