Terminale STD2A / Design

Graphic design

Graphic design

 What is graphic design about ?

 Practical English : useful vocab’

 Graphic design vocab’ – Show you know

 Show you know the people involved in the design process

 Show you understand – Konstantin Grcic – Designer of the Year 2010 (Edpuzzle activity – jajezat)

 Revise how to talk about materials and matters – step 1

 Revise how to talk about materials and matters – step 2

 Learn : useful vocab to describe an object

 Read to enrich your vocabulary – Materials and their properties

flashypink Materials and their properties : practise !

 Play the “tote bag” game : hide an object inside and ask a friend to touch it and to describe it  to the group / class

 Show you understand: the goal of packaging design

Eco design

flashypink Show you know how to talk about the different parts of a flower

 Read and try to understand : Infinite gardens

light_blue Written comprehension : “Eco-design”

 Read and try to understand : Eco-design


 Show you understand: What goes in my recycling bin?


Liens utiles : Mise en oeuvre et apprentissage en enseignement technologique en LV

Objectifs spécifiques et généraux de l’ETLV

Evaluation en ETLV

Co-animation en ETLV


Points de convergence entre LV et Design et métiers d’art