Vocabulaire thématique


Présentation alphabétique


  “Aches and pains”

 “Accommodation: hotels, B-and-Bs, lodges and the like…”

 “Adverbs of frequency”

 “Animals” = Babies

 “Animals” = Dog food

 “Animals” = Insects

 “Animals” = Farm animals

“Animals” = Body parts

 “Animals” = Pets

Uncommon pets “Animals” = Uncommon pets

 “Animals” = Sea animals

 “Animals” = Wild animals from all over the world

 “Astrological signs”


 “Cars : parts”


 “Chores – Maids and cleaning ladies”

 “Classroom” = Useful expressions and phrases

 “Classroom” = Objects in the classroom


 “Colours of the rainbow”


“Daily routine”

“Describe a picture”


 “Facial expressions”

 Family links

“Fishing / Angling”

 “Food and drinks”

 “Food and drinks : Types of food”

 “Food and drinks : useful adjectives”


 “Geographical features”

 “Hobbies and pastimes”

 “Houses and rooms”

 “Indications of direction”

 “Indications of  location”

 “London : places of interest”


 “Natural disasters”

 “Objects : materials, shapes & volumes”

 “Outer space”

 “People in need”


 “Physical description” = HAIR

 “Physical description” = HEIGHT AND BUILD

 “Physical description” = THE HUMAN BODY


 “Prepositional adjectives”

  “School jobs”

 “School places”

 “School subjects”

 “School things”

 “Shops and Co”

 “Sports, games and equiment “

 “Things to collect”


 “Town facilities”

 “Weather conditions”